Soul Motion


Soul Motion is a conscious free form dance, a meditation in movement. We listen to the voice of our body in a safe environment and held space. When we meet others, we allow ourselves to be inspired and touched. We are supported by music of various styles and the great sound of silence.

In a soul motion workshop you will be invited to go on a personal research journey. You spontaneously follow your movement impulses, whether fast or slow, large or small, moments of silence are also part of it.

We focus our attention on certain connections, e.g. the flow of breath and energy in your body, grounding, the perception of space or the connection to other dancers. In this way we learn a lot about ourselves and how we can use mindfulness to dance through life in a more present, happier and healthier way.

Soul Motion includes 4 "landscapes" that are explored by the participants over the course of a class or a workshop: the inner dance alone (Dance Intimite), the encounter with a partner (Dance Communion), diving in and engaging in a group field (Dance Community) and finally the connection to the "all-one" through dance and stillness (Dance Infinite).

Important elements in Soul Motion are: the 360 degree perception, presence in movement and silence and being inspired by taking in the movements of others or giving back a spontaneous movement response.

Soul Motion lessons are guided and yet free. The role of a soul motion teacher is to accompany, shift attention and support the students to remember their body wisdom. The atmosphere is appreciative and generous.


Soul Motion was developed by dancer, choreographer and spiritual practitioner Vincent Martinez Grieco (Portland, Oregon). His path to the creation of Soul Motion led him through many stations, from working with Barbara Dilley (Naropa University), Terry Sendgraff, Deborah Hay, Douglas Dunn (Merce Cunningham Company), Wilbert Alix (Trance Dance), Gabrielle Roth (5 rhythms), Emilie Conrad (Continuum) and more.

After many years of leading the Soul Motion Organization, Vincent in 2020 decided to step down from day-to-day business and put the further development of Soul Motion into broader hands.

You can find more information about Vincent on his website: