Soul Motion Training Teil 1: Foundations

Part 1: Foundations

Foundations are the first and most important part of any building. When something stands on good ground, it enables unimagined possibilities to build on it. It is similar with us: The clarity about where we stand as human beings opens up the inner spaces we need for our growth.

The "Foundations" are the first part of the Soul Motion training. They allow us to learn in detail the cornerstones on which our dance meditation method is built.

For 5 days we explore the core elements that make this dance form so special:

Through "Orbit Orientation" we experience the complexity of each moment. We practice the 360-degree view of dance and life around us.

"Echo Inspiration" reminds us that we are resonant, compassionate beings and that every encounter is a subtle blend of outer possibilities and inner awareness.

"Pause Presence" is a moment of pause, an encouragement to take the position of the beginner, the novice. An invitation to start again and again from the beginning and to focus on the here and now.

The four landscapes in Soul Motion serve as a map for our journey of exploration in movement: Dance Intimate (alone), Dance Communion (in pairs), Dance Community (with several), Dance Infinite (the all-one and the dance of everyday life).

The "Foundations" are open to both experienced Soul Motion dancers and absolute beginners. This module is part of the Soul Motion Teacher Training and not a regular workshop. For more information and to register please contact us.


650 €
plus costs for accomodation and travel

Re-taking Foundations: 50% of the regular fee.

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