Soul Motion Teacher Training

The teacher training is a possibility to turn the dance passion into a profession. All graduates of the Embodied Leadership Training (Module 1 & 2) are entitled to apply.

MODULE 3 & 4: Teacher Training

The experience and skills learned in the first part of the training form a good basis for the apprenticeship, the training to become an authorized soul motion teacher. The focus of these two modules is on the methodology and didactics of teaching in the dance room. In modules 1 and 2, the foundations for a somatic-oriented concept of leadership were laid, which is now being implemented and deepened in practice.

The participants learn how the experiences from everyday life can become a creative basis for their own Soul Motion classes.

Some of the topics are:

  • The perception of group processes and dynamics
  • Steering and intervention options / exercises in a group context
  • Lesson structures and class models
  • “The body as a teacher”: Verbal guidance vs. guidance through body presence
  • Differentiation between perception and interpretation
  • Working with music (finding, choosing, technical questions)
  • Trying out of what has been learned by teaching in small groups with direct feedback

Starting with the end of module 3, each trainee teaches a specified number of hours at their own place of residence. The experiences are documented, discussed with the mentor and in the online meetings.

The Soul Motion Teacher Training concludes with a graduation ceremony and the award of the title of Authorized Soul Motion Teacher (SMI)

At the end of the training, the teacher joins the worldwide, lively Soul Motion Teacher Community. Regular online meetings and teacher gatherings in the dance room serve as a platform for getting to know each other, learning together and maturing and deepening relationships with one another.


Module 3: 22.-29. January 2023
Location: Hof Oberlethe, Near Oldenburg, Germany

Module 4: 7.-14. September 2023
(followed by a Teacher Gathering 14.-17. September 2023)
Location: Hof Oberlethe, Near Oldenburg, Germany


  • Completion of the Embodied Leadership Training (Module 1 & 2)


The training is taught in English language.


The training faculty consist of Doreen Tönjes and Edgar Spieker. In addition Winky Wheeler and/or Michael Molin Skelton will be part of the teaching faculty, given the situation around the pandemic will allow that. All participants will also receive a Mentor that accompanies them.


Teacher Training (Module 3 & 4): 3400 €
plus costs for accommodation / meals and travel

Re-taking Module 3 & 4: 50% of the regular fee.

Please send me sign-up infos