Doreen Tönjes

is mother of two sons, dancer, meditation teacher and founder of the room for stillness & movement in Oldenburg. She has been opening spaces for movement since she was 14 years old. The in-depth exploration of dance began in 2003 and on her way she felt inspired, among other practices, by the work of the spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl. She met Soul Motion in 2010 and graduated in the US in 2015. Since 2019 she has been part of the Soul Motion Teacher Trainings.

Edgar Spieker

is an authorized soul motion teacher and dance therapist. He was a member of the Shotokan Karate National League, worked as a singer and singing teacher and later as a Nia Black Belt Teacher. Edgar has experience in various dance forms and methods of body work, such as modern dance, authentic movement, body mind centering, and dance improvisation. Since 2003 he has been teaching soul motion in international workshops and retreats. Since 2015 he is part of the teacher training team of Soul Motion.

Guest Trainers

Michael Molin-Skelton

"Here are a few things that I hold sacred:
The love of my life – Anneli
The miracle of that love – jaylan
Integrity, justice, diversity
Friends that cherish and challenge me
Hugs (even more now than ever)
Trust, hope
Choice, permission
Dancing alone, dancing with you
Truth (it’s complicated)

Winky Wheeler

studied with the founder of Soul Motion, Vincent Martínez-Grieco, since 1996. She founded Momentum Studios in Portland, Oregon and her own dance format, Morning Sojourn. She says: "I see inhabiting the body through dance as a powerful and transformative act on the path of self-discovery, personal change and fully engaged living. I delight in the way it ignites our creativity, draws us deeper into ourselves, influences our daily lives and brings us closer to The Mystery."


Janos Grimm

Janos Grimm is a dancer, certified Soul Motion Teacher and Soul Motion Foundations Teacher, he is a yogi and lover and a dad of 4 kids. Janos loves to bring alivenes and kindness to the street and into the human community, so he is also a social activist and life artist and the founder of the spiritual community ECSTATIC NATURE.

Janos is a teacher and participant in various worlds. And just as unique a person as you!

Lisanne Otto

has been a passionate Soul Motion dancer since 2011 and passionately passes this conscious dance practice on to others, at work, in her family with her 2 daughters. In 2019 she completed the first part of her training and since then has also opened a room for dancing. She loves and lives this dance practice in order to rediscover herself again and again. One of the most beautiful ways for you to let go of your thoughts and to trust the unity of body, mind and soul. She finds it so enriching and powerful in her life to be able to follow the wisdom of the body. She works as a self-employed osteopath and it is important to her to support people on their own path just as they need it.

Martin Steixner

has been leading seminars and training courses in movement meditation, health and bodywork for more than 30 years. He was certified as an international Soul Motion Teacher in 2014 and, together with his wife, leads Soulrhythms and the Academy for Trauma Therapy in Vienna. He loves to combine Soul Motion with elements from other movement practices, bodywork and elements from ancient wisdom. Martin is a naturopath, Heilpraktiker, Imago® Facilitator and Trager® Practitioner.

Sandra Kocher

is a Soul Motion Embodied Leader, freedance teacher, mental trainer and psychological consultant. She has been leading seminars on holistic health for almost 20 years. Sandra supports people in overcoming fears, stress, crises and insecurities in order to be strengthened and free to develop their skills and potential to the full. To take on the sunny and dark sides, so to speak, in order to fully blossom. She offers space for personal development. Room for diversity. Space for humanity. Her motto in life: "Beauty is everywhere" - discover the wonders in and around us. In dance, in conversation, in nature. For a joyful, lively and meaningful togetherness.

Sebastian Drießen

Dancing is a particularly effective way of expressing vitality for him. Sebastian brings many experiences into his practice: yoga, meditation, his clown training, theater projects as an actor, stage experience as a singer and musician or inner growth in his training as an art-of-being teacher. And his love for music. As a Soulmotion teacher, he would like to create a space in which people can find access to their vitality, grow and be with what is. Dance represents a wonderful analogy to life for him, in which we can experiment, sense each other and sometimes even heal.

Sonja Gajic

Sonja Gajić has been a certified soul motion teacher since 2019. In her classes, she incorporates both her experiences as a graduated pedagogue and those from bodywork according to the Grinberg Method. She has been dancing for more than 35 years, 12 of them soul motion. Bringing her own liveliness and joie de vivre into the presence in dance and thereby enabling new discoveries and further development is a gift of life for her.