Embodied Leadership Training

A personal immersion into Soul Motion and an integration into the existing professional areas.


The Soul Motion Training begins with two 7-day modules [Module 1 + 2] in which the focus is on an individual, body-related deepening of the basic elements of Soul Motion. Mindfulness techniques are learned and tools for presence building are developed. The concept of “leading” is explored on the somatic level. Voice and breath work support this process. Body work with the help of imagination enhance the experience of inner-physical connections. Elements from dance techniques (e.g. alignment, body connections, movement qualities) expand the possibilities of physical expression.

All these experiences support the participants on the way to a very personal embodiment of their own soul motion practice.

Soul motion, like any meditation practice, ultimately only makes sense if it has an impact on everyday life. Therefore, in this part of the training, ideas are developed how the principles of Soul Motion can be integrated into one's own life and become a creatively nourishing source of power in everyday life.

Accompanied by a mentor, a personal self-development and research process begins after the 1st module, which is concluded in the 2nd module with a project presentation. Module 1 & 2 ends with an degree as an "Embodied Leadership Graduate". With this qualification, the trainees are able to integrate elements and perspectives from soul motion into their existing professional practice. The degree does not yet entitle you to teach Soul Motion under this name. Those who do not want to continue on the path to becoming an authorized Soul Motion teacher can finish their training after the 2nd module.


Module 1: 14.-21. January 2024
Ort: Hof Oberlethe, Near Oldenburg, Germany

Module 2: 13.-20. September 2024
Ort: Hof Oberlethe, Near Oldenburg, Germany


  • Minimum age 25 years
  • 155 "Credits" Soul Motion Experience as part of a course or workshop with an authorized Soul Motion teacher
  • Basic workshop "Foundations"
  • Previous experience in meditation and various dance styles is desirable
  • Prior experience in leading / teaching is desirable

We are aware that due to the pandemic, the opportunities to take part in dance workshops have been very limited in the last years. If you are interested in the training, but cannot meet all requirements by the start of the training, please contact us. We will then look for a workable solution together.


The training is bilingual in German and English. Basic knowledge of English is helpful.


The training faculty consist of Doreen Tönjes and Edgar Spieker. All participants will also receive a Mentor that accompanies them.


Embodied Leadership (Module 1 & 2): 3700 €
plus costs for accommodation / meals and travel

Re-taking Module 1 & 2: 50% of the regular fee.

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To register, you can download a questionnaire here. We want to get to know you, your background, your motivation, your wishes and goals. In this document you can tell us something about yourself. You can fill it out and send it back to us by email.